Attempt number two
26th Oct 2013 last time i did Bordesley by train
Another Ghost Station in the Book for Liz <br />
<br />
Ghost Station # 24<br />
<br />
She was well impressed with Clifton because as she said it was very <br />
<br />
quiet and isolated and you seemed to feel alone here and she <br />
<br />
couldn't  get over the number of trains that went speeding through <br />
<br />
without stopping

OK, where do we start?

My Name is Tim Aka: Ghost Station Man

as I get called nowadays I'm in my early 50's & I live in the

North West of England Although I’m originally from Dorset

Bridport to be exact. but I spent most of my life living in a

sleepy Dorset town called Wimborne just outside Bournemouth Where I spent most of my misspent youth chasing Class 47's Brush

Type 4's locomotives see Wikipedia page explanation below

Class 47 Loco Wikipedia Page

out of my local station Poole to all manner of exotic places and having many mad crazy adventures in the 80's & early 90's I first

got the Ghost Station hunting bug when I learned what the White lines and White squares wherein the All Britain Timetable My

first proper Ghost Train trip was in March 1993 When I did the quirky and unusual Aldwych Branch (now long Closed) on the

Piccadilly line of the Underground then in the Same Year when I and a mate got the soon to be closed Epping to Ongar Branch on

the Central line of London Underground. After that I was hooked and did (Thank god) Watford Junction - Croxley Green in 1994

prior to closure my first BR as it was (Ghost Station) Then in 1997 I moved to the North West, That’s when I got the bug again for

Ghost Trains mostly after reading an article in Rail Magazine about Ghost Trains and I realised that there were loads around

the North West. So during the summer of 1997, Saturday evening's where spent at Chester waiting for the Class 37 loco and coaches

CLASS 37 LOCO AT Runcorn Mainline on Sat Only 20.13pm Chester - Runcorn Ghost Train Pic LINK

Wikipedia page about Class 37 locos explanation LINK

That worked one the maddest Ghost Trains I've ever done: 2F80 20.13 Chester - Runcorn Mainline Ghost Train where I Met many

people from all over the UK. Who were into Ghost Trains as well hence why I set up the original Fotopic Ghost Station site

(now long since gone and replaced by this new site). And I also spent a lot of Fridays riding on the famous one train a week

between Stockport - Stalybridge one train a week.

Wikipedia Link to Stockport - Stalybridge route History LINK

Then once Liz appeared in my Life in 2007 and I took her to Teesside Airport in Oct 2007, her first real experience of Ghost

Stations, because it was local to where she lived, she also embraced/caught the Ghost Station Hunters bug of this mad crazy quirk

of the UK Rail System. Liz really enjoys going to these strange stations because of as she says it's great fun watching the shock on

the guard's face when you say getting off at Teesside Airport, because we are probably the first people to get off in years/months,

and also as she said to me one day it's interesting to see what these places are like that we go to etc and what's outside and why

they are so underused etc. And also with Liz's pictures as well she tends to take a different perspective / her interpretation of these

Stations often she takes pics that I didn’t even think about, and before anybody asks, yes women do enjoy railways she even takes

better pictures than me sometimes!!! Check out her Steam Pic Gallery and her amazing Snowploughs shots in Dec 2010 amazing

isn't the word



So we spend our spare time in between her work, and my commitments, chasing around the North West / Yorkshire and soon to

expand to other parts of the UK but the Major amount of Ghost Stations all seem to be around Yorkshire / North West. Getting in

the many Ghost Stations on the Rail Network. That's in between getting lost, and having many mad adventures as well!! Like Taxi

drivers who couldn't find us at Salwick first station out of Preston on the Blackpool Line in May 2013 after we had done the station

or Bordesley Station in Birmingham being Locked up in 2010 to name just a few of the adventures that we have had. Then in June

2012, I was Contacted by the BBC news website and asked If I would like to take part in a short film that they were making about

Ghost Trains and Stations so I agreed and

the film can be seen in the below link:

BBC News Film On Board a Real Life Ghost Train link

Thanks for reading and I hope that what you have just read inspires people to maybe go and check out there local Ghost Station

you'd be surprised, there are a lot more than you'd think!

Thanks for reading and Enjoy our website:


The Parliamentary Ghost Station Hunters