The whole Purpose of this new Smugmug Site is that I'm working on a long term project (now with help from Liz) to slowly over time build up a definitive Ref guide of picture Gallery's for all the Ghost Stations in the UK also along with a selection of the more obscure Limited Service Routes. 

Another Reason why i started this project was so that people who are into doing Ghost Routes / Stations, or who are curious and just wanna learn more etc, can use the site to find out any of the following prior to going to any of the stations:

1. What Ghost stations are and why they exist in the First place

2. How to get to them on Public Transport / Train / Car

3. Full background history of the Station both current and Past courtesy of Wikipedia links where available or station promotion groups

3.  What to expect when you get there Pictures from all angles of the station / outside the station and any unusual things that we find either on the stations or outside the stations

4. Any unusual things to be aware of like for instance: 

1. Stations being Locked so you cant gain access trust me it's Happened!!!!

2. Stations that are in middle of nowhere and a long walk back to nearest main road bus stop etc and where to go for nearest Civilisiation

3. Timetables that say one thing but the train doesn't actually run to the time it says in Timetable but runs up to like 20 mins earlier!

& Finally

Also to encourage other people to get into this amazing little known quirk of the UK Rail System.

Thanks for Reading hope you enjoy the Site It is a work in progress I try to keep gallery's info updated but i appologise if some of the dates are out of date i try my best. 

All the other pics of Railways Pubs etc are an add on to the main reason for the site But i hope you enjoy them as well. I have many people tell me that this site is great and they enjoy what me and Liz are doing to which i must Say on Behalf of both and me and Liz A very Big Thank You

Ghost Station Man & Liz

June 2014