If you would like any further info or any help or just want to know more about the  Ghost Stations / Parliamentary's that are featured on the site then please feel free to contact me via the Contact link at top of this page and I will do my best to assist you: Recent Inquires have been:


July 2015

BBC Futures article on internet about Ghost Stations that features both me and Liz for a change

Link to BBC Futures Article

May 2012:

BBC News Website short film for which I appear in a short film link below

BBC NEWS Website film by Dan Curtis

January 2012:

 BBC One Show asking for advice on Ghost Stations asking for permission to use some of my pictures off the website but due to having suffered a fire in the block of flats I was sadly unable to help


Mark Chatterton who wrote a very good article for Railway Magazine about Ghost Stations and used 7 of my pics off the old Fotopic site (now thank god put back on here) for his article