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2nd Nov 2017

Big day today we test fitted the Regulator J pipe that you can just see

sticking out of the Saftey Valve dome cover the next set of pics are

taken of the J pipe from different angles more info below courtesy of

Keith and the SYBIL Facebook page

Back to boiler making today, for 'Sybil'. The hole in the outer fire-box

wrapper beneath the dome flange is now complete, along with the

caulking plate beneath the flange. The regulator 'J' pipe has been trial

fitted, via a fixing bracket fitted to the outer fire-box shell. The main

the steam pipe has been clamped into the 'J' pipe to help ensure the

regulator is pointing in the right direction, i.e. central to the boiler barrel,

heading towards the flange position in the front tube-plate. The

regulator rod will require attention, either by letting new sections into it,

or building sections up with weld and then machined to size.

More pics below