Summers only 2F80 07.53 SO Chester to Runcorn Mainline Via the Halton Curve 25 May 2013 - 7th Sept 2013 16 weeks only Ghost Train Move - TheGhostStationHunters

37 418 at journeys end Runcorn Mainline

Then we would storm the approx. mile and a half into Runcorn

And no sooner had you got off & shut the door of the MK 1 coach the

tip was given and the 37 Roared off i've never seen a train depart so

fast in my life.

Sadly today 2013 and for the last few years this move has been a

Northern Rail unit usually a 150 not sure if 142's are allowed up


Although i did come back out for it on the first run of the 2011 season